I’ve seen it all: Björk’s Cornucopia and the chance of a new begining

As an exercise of memory, which traies to recover all the vitality we have amounted times before, and also as a gimnastic effort of hypertextuality, we take a previously aesthetic experience had in a wonderfull musical event and write about it.

This text is all about images of this experience, in its dialectic movement.


Into the beauty of all that exists and all that is possible,

At the mountaint of greatness,

Dressed in white clouths, a voice of Nature elevated its prayers and allegories out there where is find the line of vital realness; it surrounded in everyone.

In company of other creatures, showing its best they are able to, all the set conjured a magical atmospere with flutes which took the public into the permanent question of our humanitie: Where becomes the real reality if everything looks so close and clear since always?

Abjection is not a sin, but an opportuny to turn what is near us into all that things we apreciate from the serenety of our thoughts in mystical contact with that deep sense of our emotional architecture. The must beautiful pieces of art are born from the extraordinary capacity of listening what reality strives to preserve.

Showing us emotional respect, respect. Multiple forms, multiple realities.

Human voices have not the power of expand its force all over an ocean, but they can stop this ordinary time in order to open others. A new world begin simoultaneous, everytime.

Fantastic sensibility, potent and gorgeous presence. An emotional erupcion contained on stage.

Under our feet, invinsible musical lines taking all our bodies, involved us into One.

The One is not a personality but the posibility of everything: where all the causes find its arrive. There wich everything is contained, where names are just retoric technics to difference who we’are in love with from we’re not.

From human to humans, we are in the last moment to set sail into new social places where delicacy, magnificent and growing up from the core of the Earth is posible. This is a powerfull invitation, from Björk, to do it.

Hoping that, what we were blessed of experience that time, never stops again.

From human to human, avec love.

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